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Обратная связь

OOO “Health Modeling Technologies” (affiliated with “Portal RAMS”, http://portalramn.ru/en/ )was awarded the status of the company-resident of the Biomedical Cluster of the Innovation Fund Skolkovo since 2015 (official certificate on the left above, the largest innovation accelerator in Moscow, Russia). Among other clusters of the Fund are: IT/Space and ICT, and Nuclear Technologies.

The primary project of “Health Modeling Technologies” - eKlon® - is a visualized EHR for portable devices for medical staff, their patients as well as healthy individuals (patented in the Russian Federation, 2546080, center image; a web-service application with the state registration number  2018617853, certificate on the right). Both professional and personalized end-user levels, interconnected, are inherent parts of the design. Our model is applicable in designing gamified services with mobile device applications for end-users not only to track their health status but also to model possible states with the help of the intuitive 3D-“clone” of the end-user with a system of automatic hints to mark up problem areas.

The team includes 8 specialists, 2 of them have been a) instrumental in promoting the field of P4 medicine since 2006 by organizing a national-level monthly conference in Moscow on related topics (82 Work Group sessions carried out so far, https://www.youtube.com/user/MIATSRAMN) – Professor, Dr. habil. Petr Kuznetsov and Konstantin Chebotaev, b) co-founder and VP for International Affairs of the National Association of Medical Informatics (NAMI), respectively, and c) Institutional Members representing Russia within the International Association of Medical Informatics (IMIA) since 2007 (https://imia-medinfo.org/wp/russian-academy-of-medical-sciences-2/).

The administrative contact for the team is Konstantin Chebotaev, International Development, konstantin.chebotaev@gmail.com.